Manager Challenge Day

Immersive experience where people managers are brought together to compete, learn-by-doing and have fun.

Why Sprintmodo’s Manager Challenge Day?

Bring your people managers together, compete and have some fun along the way. Where do your people rank in our Great Managers Challenge? Time to find out!

Companies that promote a collaborative team culture are 5x more likely to be high performing (Forbes 2017). The Manager Challenge Day gives your people managers a collaborative experience, which will transform how they lead their teams.

What happens during the Challenge Day?

  • Engaging Videos & Games: See what great looks like!
  • Manager Challenge Scenario: Leverage proven work practices.
  • Unexpected Twists: Address mini-challenges.
  • Compete For Great Manager Challenge Rank!
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Teamwork Challenge Day

We can also run an immersive, teambuilding experience where teams are brought together, given real-world teamwork challenges and are provided with data-driven work practices to optimise how they will address them. Compete for the Great Teamwork Challenge!

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