Talent Development Programmes

Leadership, High Potentials and Recent Manager Development Programmes, to make good managers great.

Why Sprintmodo’s Talent Development Programmes?

Training course, assessment, feedback, repeat. Are you tired of providing the same-old talent development programmes? Employees want to do great work and talent development programmes should enable this. Sprintmodo uses our Momentum Accelerator, Manager Sidekick Platform and Masterclasses to tailor Talent Development Programmes to Leadership teams, High Potentials and Recent Managers, addressing real needs and providing tangible outcomes for the participants and the company.

Leadership Development

In our Leadership Development Programme, we run our Momentum Accelerator to drive Leaders' and Managers’ effectiveness, elevating their team members’ lived experience at work. We run a Momentum Diagnostic on each Leader’s team and then align on a set of Tangible Actions to address the needs, that will have the greatest impact on each Leader and their team.

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High Potentials and Recent Managers

In our High Potentials and recent Managers Development Programmes, we run our Momentum Accelerator, focused on the High Potentials’ and Recent Managers’ own experiences in the company, we can provide access to the Manager Sidekick Platform for each member and we can run selected Masterclasses on Momentum Needs that drive high team performance.

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