Sprintmodo is a talent development company, that gives people managers proven work practices to drive high team performance.

Why Sprintmodo for people manager development?

Teamwork has changed and Sprintmodo is here to help managers keep up.

Training course, assessment, feedback, repeat... Are you tired of the same-old talent development programmes?

Sprintmodo's Manager Sidekick Platform, Momentum Accelerator and Manager Challenge Day make it easy for people managers to learn-by-doing and put proven work practices in place, for high team performance.

Manager Sidekick Platform

The Manager Sidekick Platform helps managers succeed, with data-driven targeted micro-actions to bring out the best in their teams.

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Momentum Accelerator

The Momentum Accelerator is a development programme for managers, to identify and put in place work practices, that are proven to drive high team performance.

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The most productive companies have seen an improvement in employee job satisfaction by 48%.

(HBR, 2022)