Sprintmodo’s 20 Momentum Needs, are research-backed requirements for high team performance. We address these needs with data-driven targeted micro-actions.

Momentum Needs

High-performing teams do better and feel better, resulting in efficiency, effectiveness and job satisfaction.

The Momentum Diagnostic survey captures the drivers and opportunities for momentum in your team from the 20 Momentum Needs of high performing teams.

It identifies from the lived experience of team members, how well the team aligns (on what to do) and takes action (gets the right things done).

Each team gets a Momentum Score, that captures how easy/difficult it is for team members to do their best work in the team.

Your Team Momentum Score

The Momentum Diagnostic is focused on Momentum Needs that can be practically addressed. It captures the team’s Momentum Score from a quantitative assessment of the 20 Momentum Needs, using a 5-point interval scale. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher values indicating greater momentum within the team. Logic-based qualitative questions capture specific insights on what is uniquely impacting the team.

Tangible Actions Database

The Tangible Actions Database is our ever-growing collection of Tangible Actions for the managers of the world’s best teams. They include practical solutions for each Momentum Need of high team performance and are prioritised by impact and ease to deliver.

Tangible Actions are data-driven micro-actions to help team managers to optimise Work Design, Technology and Culture. They are step-by-step solutions, along with any templates, process improvements and technology needed to make it happen.