Unlock great teamwork.

Managing a team has changed. The impact of effective people managers on their team is more important than ever.

With Sprintmodo, managers know exactly what it takes to drive high team performance, with data-backed Tangible Actions.

Some of our clients:

High-performing teams, do betterand feel better


High-performing teams are 56% more productive. (Teamwork, 2021)


High-performing teams are 96% more effective when working together. (Humans Synergistics , 2018)


High-performing teams are more satisfied and have a 25% lower turnover rate. (RallyBright, 2023)

Team Managers Spotlight 2024
Our annual Team Managers Spotlight report investigates the dynamics of what managers can do,
to drive high team performance at work. This research shows the key challenges that managers are dealing with, and what great managers do to bring out the best in their teams.

Managing a team keeps getting harder!

Increasing complexity

Managers now have more work to do than ever, while keeping on top of rapidly changing workplace trends.

Information & technology overload

It is a major challenge for managers to know what they should be doing and what tools they should be using, to best support their team.

What people are saying

"We engaged Sprintmodo, to deliver the Momentum Accelerator programme recently. It was the best and most effective team building exercise we have ever carried out in our company. The feedback, learnings and buy-in as a result of this work from our team was invigorating and boosted the whole atmosphere in our business. I strongly recommend Sprintmodo to any company looking to improve efficiency and improve the sense of team."

Colum Whelan
Managing Director, Guardian Management Accounting

"Sprintmodo had a very positive impact on team performance in my company, through identifying and addressing specific opportunities for improvement, in how we structure and deliver our work."

Michael Stafford
CEO, Stafford Bonded (Ireland)

"Fantastic session!!! Made me really think about my goals going forward and the team. Session helped me to think strategically rather than on the spot."

Demi Corr
Scholarship Officer, Imperial College London (UK)

"I think their ability to break down complex business structures and issues into very easily applied step by step guides to begin positive change in a company is key to creating progress and positive momentum."

Colin Lynch
Brand Manager, Edward Dillon (Ireland)

“I would recommend working with Sprintmodo without hesitation, they did a fantastic job in helping our UK team through a series of advisory boards, to ‘cut to the core’ of what was important in terms of customer messaging and navigating the complex and nuanced issues that our product addresses in the oncology market.”

Adrian Wood
Country Manager, Veracyte (UK)

“We were really challenged to focus on the most valuable work, ensuring team alignment to strategic priorities and encouraged to prioritise initiatives based on impact.”

Caitriona McCarthy
Senior Medical Manager, Pfizer (Ireland)

“Sprintmodo really helped drive momentum in my teams. They were able to pinpoint where we should focus and then enabled us to make very practical changes to our team mechanics for improved alignment. I highly recommend working with Sprintmodo to help your team success.”

Federica Mazzotti
Commercial Excellence & Business Transformation Senior Director, J&J (Italy)
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