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We make teamwork better.

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Why Sprintmodo?

Why we help

We want teams to feel the joy of momentum. Many teams spend too much time in a loop of unproductive discussion due to poor alignment on what they are trying to achieve. They don’t have enough time or focus on delivering the highest value work.


The result is frustration and low impact relative to effort. We want teams to fulfil their potential and get results


As a Team Lead it is complex and time consuming to identify what to improve in your team for the most impact and how to make the change. What worked yesterday does not always work today. Teams must evolve to succeed and not be left behind.

How we help

Sprintmodo is a Team Momentum Company that makes teamwork better, with practical, digital solutions. High-performing teams do better and feel better, resulting in sustainable productivity, job satisfaction and increased profitability.


We do this with our Team Momentum process, which identifies the obstacles and drivers of momentum of a team, translates them to momentum needs and provides a Momentum Pathway of Tangible Actions that transform how teams align and take action.


Tangible Actions are practical solutions to drive team momentum. They involve exercises, process improvements, templates and use of technology.

Who we help

We help Team Leads to drive momentum.


Check in on your team’s momentum and transform team frustrations that impede progress into enablers of momentum, to get your team on track. Our Team Momentum Process will give you measurable momentum to have your most successful year ever. It can also help in times of challenge (team changes, new competitor, commercial challenges, new/ struggling project, back to the office).


We have driven momentum in teams in large corporates (including Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer and AbbVie), and in smaller companies, in Ireland, the UK and across EMEA.

Sprintmodo drives momentum by helping teams do what the best teams do.

What we do for teams

We drive momentum by transforming how teams:


We help teams to align on what to do, with better:

  • Needs analysis
  • Solutioning
  • Decision making

Take action

We help teams to take action, with better:

  • Task management
  • Accountability


Sprintmodo drives momentum with our Team Momentum process, a two-stage process to drive team momentum, with tailored, impact-prioritised Tangible Actions that optimise communication, agility, engagement, collaboration, structure and productivity. If teams are aligned and taking action, they will have increased impact relative to effort and they will transform team frustrations that impede progress, into enablers of momentum.

Team Momentum Process 


Momentum Diagnostic

Insights capture from the Team Lead and survey of the team members to identify the drivers of and obstacles to momentum and translate them to momentum needs to address. 

Momentum Pathway

Mapping of practical, impact-prioritised, research-backed Tangible Actions, that give a clear pathway to team momentum. Tangible Actions help teams to align and take action by establishing momentum rituals for success, through exercises/ activities, process improvements, templates/ Tangible Action Tools and use of technology.

Our inspiration

The joy of momentum
At age 8 (or so!), Sprintmodo Founder, Tom O’Brien and his brother Michael, were told to pull the weeds from two sugar beet fields on their father’s farm. They agreed to do one field each and whoever was finished first would then help the other. It was a major underestimation of the job! A few hours later they were still in the bottom corner of their fields. Their grandfather arrived and gave them ways of working that made them more efficient. They worked together in the same field for starters! They began to see the field being cleared of weeds. They had the feeling of momentum and it felt good.
Working in start-ups and large corporates, Tom saw the impact of momentum on team success and felt the frustration when momentum was lacking. During his MBA at London Business School, he began to collect practical actions that teams in the world’s greatest companies do, that make them great. Now, with a team at Sprintmodo obsessed with the actions that drive momentum in teams, we have an ever-growing Tangible Actions database. These research-backed, practical actions, structured in an easy to implement way, enable us to help teams succeed, with the joy of momentum.

Examples of where we have driven momentum

Let us help your team do their best work.

Tangible Actions for team momentum.

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