About Us

Great managers enable people to do their best work. We are passionate about making this a reality, giving teams the joy of momentum.

Our beginning 

At age 8 (or so!), Sprintmodo Founder, Tom O’Brien and his brother Michael, were told to pull the weeds from two sugar beet fields on their father’s farm. They agreed to do one field each and whoever was finished first would then help the other. It was a major underestimation of the job!

A few hours later they were still in the bottom corner of their fields. Their grandfather arrived and gave them ways of working that made them more efficient. They worked together in the same field for starters! They began to see the field being cleared of weeds. They had the feeling of momentum and it felt good.

Working in start-ups and large corporates, Tom saw the impact of momentum on team success and felt the frustration when momentum was lacking. During his MBA at London Business School, he began to collect practical actions that teams in the world’s greatest companies do, that make them great.

Now, with a team at Sprintmodo obsessed with making high team performance practical, we want everybody to get to do their best work. We help managers get ahead, with data-driven targeted micro-actions, to bring out the best in their team.

Our Mission

We help managers get ahead, by bringing out the best in their teams.

“I started Sprintmodo to help team managers do their best work. I wanted to bring consistency to great teamwork, so that everyone can benefit from advances in technology and cutting edge work design. We now have a growing team of behavioural economists, work psychologists and technologists, who are driven to help managers everywhere to go from good to great.”

Tom O'Brien
Founder & CEO
Ex. Janssen, London Business School + Wharton Exchange (MBA), UCD (PDip Management Practice), UCC (Pharmacy)

“Working with Sprintmodo means that I have the opportunity to do my best work every day.”

Heather O’Leary
Customer Engagement Manager
Ex. Grant Thornton, UCC (Law and Psychology)