Does important information about competitors get to headquarters quickly in your company?

July 6, 2023

77%of individuals in strong-execution organisationsagree with this statement, whereas only 45% of those in weak-execution organisationsdo.

Thisis not just about people feeling empowered enough to share the information thatthey learn, they also must believe they will be listened to. It is also aboutknowing what is newsworthy. To know this, you should agree with your team, whatare the insights of major significance that you want people to look out for.

Haveyou ever driven for an hour and not remembered one car model that you passed onthe road? Contrast that with a time when you were thinking about buying a newcar. At that time, your mind was primed to consider what cars are out there. Ibet you noticed every car model on your route. Prime your team’s mind for theinformation about competitors that will help you to act.

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