C’mon Team Ireland! ☘️

September 25, 2023

In 9 days, the Irish Women’s team will kick off the summer World Cup against hosts, Australia.

Before the first ball is kicked, here are just some of their amazing teamwork achievements we’re proud of:
⚽This is the first world cup that Ireland has qualified for
⚽They are now ranked 22nd in the world, their highest ever FIFA ranking

⚽In 2022, they set their highest attendance record

⚽In the same year, they were also named Irish Team of the Year across all sport teams


This remarkable achievement underscores the power of teamwork.

This successful team includes a huge host of dedicated supporters, coaches, backroom staff, parents, partners and leaders, who have all rallied behind the team, playing a critical role in their success.

A reminder to all that teamwork is not limited to what happens on the field of play, but it encompasses a collaborative spirit that can fuel progress and bring about positive change.

Wishing the entire team, the joy of momentum in the World Cup!

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